CJ-3A starter grinding. Adjusting a CJ-3A Starter Foot Switch

I had some trouble with my starter as I was restoring the CJ. Frequently when depressing the foot pedal the starter pinion would not engage the ring ge the flywheel. The gears would clash and the starter would energize and spin up, grinding the gear and sounding horrific! The switch needed to be set correctly. When you read this process in the service manual, it is brief to say the least.

Does your starter make a grinding noise? (example

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Re: Starter Grinds Up Flywheel When I bought my boat last year (Ford 302 5.0 HO), the previous owner had replaced the starter. On my first trip to the lake, my boat wouldn't start and the starter sounded like it was not engaging the flywheel. I would get kind of a grinding whiring sound. I pulled the starter and checked the flywheel. It all

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ok like the topic, brand new starter, brand new fidanza flywheel, i turn engine over and horroble noise / grinding. it is a 6bolt awd setup, i just verified part numbers and everything checks out ok. any ideas? i shimmed it out, made sure it was flush, please help!! i spent literally all day working a damn starter. thx

Starter Grinding

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Flywheel - Starter Grinding Noise : Trust My Mechanic

Flywheel – Starter Grinding Noise. I have an 81 GMC Jimmy with a 350 auto transmission. I purchased it and about two weeks after I bought it the starter gave out. During removal of starter noticed flyweel had some damage to the the teeth. It appeared to be minimal so I didn’t replace it. Replaced the starter and shimmed it.

What is the Grinding Noise When Starting a Car?

So, what is that grinding noise you hear when starting a car? Most likely, if it is true grinding that you hear, the problem is related to the starter. Causes include the starter not lining up correctly with the ring ge the flywheel, missing or damaged gear teeth, or a faulty solenoid. Replacing the starter is most often the right solution.

2004 Ford Taurus: starter..flywheel..it starts grinding for 2

2004 Ford Taurus: a grinding noise..starter..flywheel..without taking I have a 2004 Ford Taurus that occassionally makes a grinding noise when first starting the car. I was thinking it may be something wrong with the starter or possibly the flywheel.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Starter | YourMechanic Advice

The starter on today's cars, trucks and SUVs is attached in the rear of the motor, where a ge the starter aligns with the vehicle's flywheel to begin the ignition process. Once the engine turns over, fuel is introduced to the combustion chamber and is ignited by the activated ignition system. However, grinding may also happen inside

Starter chewed up my flywheel

Well, installed the new flywheel plus 2 shims but still not right. 2 problem i can see: The flywheel and starter teeth are right for each other, but sometimes the starter gear doesn't go inbetween the flywheel teeth. It gets caught on an edge of the teeth. I already have it shimed out like a half inch on my 3rd attempt.

Does your starter make a grinding noise? (example Chevrolet

This video discusses a common cause of a new starter grinding. You can always ask a salesperson at the autoparts store to test a starter before you install i

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Grinding starters usually mean 1. Worn gears on starter, 2. Worn gears on flywheel or 3. There might be some clearance issues with the starter and the flywheel usually involving adding or removing some shims.

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I'm assuming the starter sprocket grinding against the flywheel. Now I just had the starter replaced about a month ago from autozone, brand new not a referb, and in that case the whole starter housing was chipped and cracked. The problem went away initially but now its back again. I know the whole "tap" the starter a few times deal- but I'm

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cj7 starter issues - posted in Tech Talk: Have been having issues with the starter grinding, not starting, on the jeep lately and recently ended up putting a new Napa starter on which seemed to fix the problem. Went out the other day and tried firing up the jeep but the new starter started making the same noise. Now the starter is not grinding, all it is doing is spinning without engaging the


When I turn the key to the second position (accessory), the starter automatically engages and car starts without getting to the third position (starter). Car then runs fine, but when I turn it off I can hear that the starter is still engaged with the flywheel (grinding noise).

Starter Replacement Cost: How Much is a New Starter

Odd sounds, particularly grinding, could reflect a flywheel ring or starter drive gear failure. These internal components need to be repaired or replaced to restore your starting system. Finally, some internal starter issues can cause your starter to fail completely.

Starter grinds flywheel when started??? | SteelSoldiers

new to this thread but I thought I should chime in. starter grinding can mean a few things. Like first post said, inspect carefully, it would be a little more relieving to see the wear evenly across the whole flywheel but often times when a bad spot happens in the motor it will stop at the bad spot more often than random and also when cranking that bad spot receives more wear than the rest.

How to properly shim and adjust a gm starter and fix that

this is a short video on how to properly adjust a starter on a gm car of truck with any sbc and bbc motors. these tips will and I mean will get rid of loud g

Starter stuck in flywheel?? | Boating Forum - iboats

These starters use a bendix drive..it is normal for the pinion to already be turning before meshing with the flywheel teeth..if both are not well aligned when they meet clashing and even grinding can happen, grinding should only happen infrequently though, the teeth on the pinion are heavily bevelled to assist with engagement.

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Flywheel Grinding for Automotive Aftermarket The flywheel connects your engine to the clutch of your car’s manual transmission, but it has to be flat to operate smoothly. When the clutch is replaced, the flywheel will often need to be ground down to a uniform thickness across the entire wheel.

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Or is the grinding noise at start up possibly a broken flexplate/flywheel or the little drive ge the starter.. Either way, I might as well check the flywheel Does anyone remember what size socket to use to turn the crankshaft nut to rotate engine (to inspect the entire flywheel)?

Symptoms Of Bad Failing Starter - 12 steps

Grinding noise while starting the motor. When you start the motor, you may hear a grinding noise, probably because the gears connecting the starter with the flywheel have worn out. The grinding that you hear can also take place inside your car’s starter motor. When you hear this sound, you should get on alert and call your mechanic immediately.

Starter not engaging flywheel | DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge

Put a starter on it before it destroys your flywheel. Better check the flywheel also for excessive wear, check it all the way around. If your bad starter chewed up your flywheel too badly then the flywheel will wear the new starter out prematurely. at 8:52 PM #3

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If the teeth don’t look like this, then unfortunately the transmission must be removed and the flywheel or ring gear flex plate must be replaced. However, if the ring gear doesn’t show any abnormal wear, then the problem lies with the starter and it will have to be replaced. 7) Test the starter by mounting it in a large vise.

Starter - Diagnosing Starter Motor Problems - Knowing The Signs

The gears that connect to the flywheel and make it turn, may be the problem. Either the gear has stripped or has become, dislodged against the flywheel. Grinding Noise, When Trying To Start The Engine. A worn starter drive gear not making proper contact with the flywheel, could make this noise.

Chevy Starter Fitment Is Not A One Size Fits All Situation

If the starter skips as it is turning the engine, your starter could be too far from the flexplate/flywheel. You could have the wrong starter nose cone, or if you are using shims, remove as many as it takes to get the proper clearance. If the starter emits a high-pitched whine as the engine is turning over, more clearance is required. Add shims.

Replaced starter on motor home grinds when trying to start

Okay if the flywheel look okay and the starter is grinding while cranking then that usually means that you either have the wrong starter or the new one is defective. When you removed the old starter did you compare it to the new one to make sure the depth was the same? Ford dose not use shims on there starter.

Ford F-100 Questions - Starter grinds when trying to start

If before it cranks/turns over motor it may be a bad spot on flywheel or starter gear or starter is not fully engaging the flywheel if its starter just need to replace it, if you used a re-manufactured starter then its likely bad, If its after it turns the motor over starter may not be disengaging, may can have someone hit it with a hammer while it does it if this is the case or replace again.

Starter and Flywheel Are Grinding: the Starter Was Installed

If it is problem with bad flywheel teeth, sometimes you can rotate the flywheel to get the bad spot away from starter, then it will crank normally. Of course that doesn't fix the problem. Check the starter drive gear, is it badly worn? Some makes and models, you can use shims at the starter to get starter and flywheel teeth, to mesh properly.

Starter and Flywheel Are Grinding: the Starter Was

If it is problem with bad flywheel teeth, sometimes you can rotate the flywheel to get the bad spot away from starter, then it will crank normally. Of course that doesn't fix the problem. Check the starter drive gear, is it badly worn? Some makes and models, you can use shims at the starter to get starter and flywheel teeth, to mesh properly.